But Then One Day The Jacarandas Had All Bloomed

by L. W. Major

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released May 19, 2012



all rights reserved


L. W. Major Sydney, Australia

L.W. Major is a Sydney based songwriter and performer. Influences include The Violent Femmes, Tom Waits and Louis Tillet and authors such as Denis Johnson, Peter Temple and James Leo Herlihy. Find out about current gigs at www.facebook.com/l.w.major37

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Track Name: No Answers
But then one day
The jacarandas had all bloomed
And it seemed the world
Had a little more room

The light gone Dim
Can't see ahead
And the days all gotten colder
All I can think
All I can remember
Most times I find I've got
No Answers

Building ladders
Into the skies of my mind
They always fall down
And anyway what's there to find

All I can think
Or put together
Most times I find I've got
No Answers
Can just try to do
What's good and right
One foot in front of the other
Track Name: That Falling Down Feeling
She said she'd meet me later on
She supposed about ten
I do really hope
That I'm not too drunk by then

And this shirt looks so good
Until I put it on
I've now just all around got
That falling down feeling again

And yeah what they're saying 'bout me might be true
If you wanna get down to facts
But in my picture of the world
I can't quite seem to fit that

I did my best from the golden morn
Until that day's end
But now I've got, yeah now I've got
That falling down feeling again

This world don't work like you'd think
From what I hear them say
To get all that you need
You got to kiss and give it away
I think about myself
But it all feels like an end
Yeah think all about yourself
And get that falling down feeling again and again
Track Name: All Night Through, The Moon Knew
He's been down those cruel alleyways
All night through
All night through
She's been hoping
Now all lit up and beautiful
She's there smiling at him

Fighting and winning and losing
But always so much more
Than we can see
All night through
The moon knew
Track Name: Magdalene And Her Magnificent Breasts
Ah the days
get so cold now
And I make it through the nights
but I don't know how
without her..

I get no rest
With these dreams
Of Magdalene
And her magnificent breasts

Is it true
What I've heard them say
That passion only comes
When you're not sure she'll stay

Oh her gentleness
Like a fool I got careless
Now I'm just sitting here left
With these dreams
Of Magdalene
And her magnificent breasts
Track Name: JJ
The lights of the town
In the distance below
This old house on the hill
Taking things slow

And all those old worries
All fading away
This fine clear night
With you

With the things that you say
And the things that you do
You've got a way
Of getting through

And so much love
In all the things that you do
So clear tonight
With you
Track Name: Turquoise Pony On The Mantle
The rooftops and wires
Of her home town
Often staying in
Till the sun went down

And that setting sun
I saw would shine like flames
On a turquoise pony
On her mantle

A time too short
I couldn't stay any longer
Just me and her
A time so tender

I'll be there again soon
It's getting near
Just me and her
Once more together

It's been so long
That I've been away
And it gets so hard
With the way my mind likes to play

And I wonder...

Will that setting sun
Still shine like flames
On that turquoise pony
On the mantle
Track Name: Yeah You
Along the old train tracks
That run by the seaside
All the dreams come sunlit
And the world seems wide

When I walk with you
These afternoons
All of a sudden
now there's you

Ah you
Yeah You
Track Name: It's Easy To Forget
The days crowded
They get so tight
Can seem that life's
Just a fight

All of today's
Rules and demands
Filling my mind
Till I can't see

You can argue anything
And make it stick
No matter how good
Or sick

All of today's
Worries and fears
Filling my mind
it's easy...

To forget love
To forget love

Can see they'll fall apart
Before they even start
Things born out of
Those shadows of my heart